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Men's Premium T-Shirt

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Our print types and finishing techniques


Embroidered logo
For orders of 12+ items
  • Longest lasting finishing technique
  • Extreme high quality
  • 3D effect possible

Embroidery gives a high-quality look and provides impressive durability. Whether on sweaters, caps, aprons, or polo shirts, embroidery gives a sense of exclusivity and prestige. A 3D embroidered effect is also possible with modern embroidery techniques.

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Digital direct printing

Logo printed with digital direct printing
  • Ideal for designs using many colors
  • Greatest comfort and wearability
  • Suitable for all file formats

Digital direct printing is a state-of-the-art and particularly resource-saving printing process. It can be used to print even the most detailed designs accurately and reliably. The ink is absorbed into the textile fabric and doesn't create raised designs or stiffness.

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Flex printing

Logo printed with flex printing
  • High color brilliance and opacity
  • Particularly wash resistant
  • Ideal for text and logos

The design is prepared on vinyl and then transferred to the product using heat. It feels slightly textured to the touch and is a preferred choice for logos.

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Flock printing

Logo printed with flock printing
  • High color brilliance and opacity
  • Particularly wash resistant
  • Velvety surface

Similar to Flex, Flock printing uses a velvety vinyl material and is then transferred to the product using heat. Flock printing is great for logos, it will be vibrant and softer to the touch than Flex.

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Logo printed using the thermosublimation process
  • Extreme color brilliance
  • Ideal for designs containing many colors
  • Suitable for all file formats

In thermosublimation, the design is vaporized under intense heat. Brilliant colors and depth of detail are produced in the process. This print type is particularly suitable for products other than textiles, such as mugs.

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Screen printing

Screen printed logo
For orders of 25+ items
  • Supreme print quality
  • Durable and wash resistant
  • Great deals for large orders

The king of printing processes, screen printing produces bright, eye-catching, and high-quality prints. Due to the precision stencil process, screen printing is suitable for even the finest designs, and can be printed on almost all textiles.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I have my company logo printed or embroidered on products?

To have your company logo printed or embroidered on our products, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Vector graphic in file format: .svg or .ai or
  • Pixel graphic in file format: .png, .jpg, .bmp or .gif
  • Maximum file size: 10MB
  • Design is created without a background (for vector designs) or is isolated (for pixel graphics)

If your design is a pixel graphic, please make sure to avoid:

  1. photos and designs with many color gradations or designs with more than 8 colors and
  2. designs with a length or width exceeding 4,000 pixels

By the way: We optimize your embroidery file completely free of charge. If you need more help or design support, contact our design service at a reasonable price.

Is there a minimum order quantity for promotional products?

We want everyone to be able to put custom designs on T-shirts and the like – regardless of the size of the order. That's why there is no minimum order value at Spreadshirt – not even for embroidery. If you order multiple items, you will automatically receive a volume discount.

What shipping options does Spreadshirt offer for promotional products?

We have three different shipping options: standard, premium, and express. With express shipping, it is possible that your item will reach you within 2 working days (times vary depending on state and quantity ordered).

Can I exchange or return custom promotional items?

Yes, we offer a full satisfaction guarantee. If you have any problems with your custom T-shirt and you are not 100% satisfied, you'll have 30 days to return your item. Just get in touch with our customer service team, who will be happy to help.

Are the promotional products printed in the USA?

Yes, once the order is placed, all promotional products are printed in the USA, either in our production facility in Greensburg, PA, or Las Vegas, NV.

Do I get a discount if I order large quantities?

Yes! At Spreadshirt, you get a volume discount on most items – starting at 6 items and regardless of the value of your order. The products you choose can either be the same product or different products. You can see your volume discount directly in the shopping cart or calculate it on our help pages. Want to place an extra-large order? You can contact our bulk order team for orders as low as 100 items.

T-shirt with graphic service print lies next to sketchpad and pens

Design service

Whether logo, company design, or gift - we artfully bring your ideas to life.

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Test products

Test up to 20 different blank items and find the ones that work best for you.

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Promotional items for pros

Choose from over 100 high-quality items and design your own promotional gifts. Find the right products for all your customers and customize them with your logo. Quick, easy, and tailored to your business. If you have ideas but your skills don't lie in graphic design, our design professionals are happy to help at very reasonable prices.

Goodies for every occasion

Whether it's employee birthdays, conferences, or team events, we have the ideal giveaways for every occasion. Do you want to appear professional or have fun? Why not both! Combine your logo with the perfect product and design. The best part: our products are practical and tough, so they will continue to be used long after the event has ended.

Expo giveaways

Expo time is giveaway time - the more generous, the better. Give your team a professional look for the most important industry events on the calendar. Your business will be remembered with custom promo items that your customers will use every day - seeing your logo every time they drink from their water bottle or spread their umbrella.

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